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The Art event "Apple" was born out of a seething dialog which lingered for a while among the four participants. Thus, the challenge of one of them - master Tamas Szabo who specifically requested a joint action involving for each of us a " solitary workshop” having as a pretext, subject and object ... the apple, the group went to work. The results of these individual steps - intentionally kept 'secret' to the other three until the moment of the opening, were to be displayed on the walls of a gallery in an exhibition group, which is hereby happening.

The event takes place in the beautiful space of the gallery "HANGAR" in Cluj-Napoca - Bishop John Street Bob no. 12, on December 4, 2012, at 18. (Dorel Gaina)

SZABO TAMASa well established, a ‘senior Transylvanian photographer - Tamas Szabo participated in numerous national and international exhibitions of photography, from Japan to Hawaii, as well as in personal and group exhibitions. He is a member of the Association of Photographic Artists from Romania since 1965. In 1978 he was admitted into the International Federation of Photography (FIAP), UNESCO. His photographs have been published in 168 albums, newspapers and magazines in Romania and abroad. Szabo Tamas has illustrated more than 150 books in Romanian and Hungarian, from folklore, work, to travel writing in the over 60-year career.

"The story of my images is the forbidden fruit “as seen by Szabo"- the serpent offered Eve the apple, Eve to Adam, they both ate of the forbidden fruit and therefore humanity has been suffering ever since. This story I wanted to illustrate in some pictures. "The original sin" is the title for my images.” (Szabo Tamas)

CRINA PRIDA - does not like the term "photographer" - I prefer to consider myself an 'artist of metanarratives' with a camera. My reverie within the visual space overlaps the unexpressed feelings and states of mind of the models in front of the camera; it is a kind of reflexive self-portrait, in which the final mirror reflects and deconstructs the character, replacing it with a picture of its language, a language sometimes misleading, dark, erotic and whimsical, but always very personal ". Personal and collective exhibitions in Romania, Hungary, United States, Iran. Curator in the project Citypulse / Citylab (U.S. / Canada / Japan / Chile), with numerous photos and media publications to support charitable causes.


"What happened over time with the apple from the Garden of Eden and ending with Apple Inc..? Not much, its tempting and fascinating sensuality preserves the biblical reference to sin. If the Trojan War started with an apple disputed between Olympian and human beauties, Wilhelm Tell and Isaac Newton chose different ways to prove gravity with the same fruit, and Snow White became the avant-la-lettre symbol of a vaguely implied promiscuity - of course we do not wonder that in postmodernity, the same ubiquitous fruit stands on the back of the most desired gadgets on the planet. Femininity and desire, temptation or nightmare, real and surreal - this is the idea around which I have made the images for this exhibition. "(Crina Prida)

TÓTHPÁL TOMI - master photographer in media production (UBB, 2008 - 2010), a student at the University of Art and Design department PCI video camera Cluj-Napoca. Project co-founder of cultural project “CIORCHIN”, exhibitions and participations in numerous collective projects and realized as co-author of various articles published in magazines and photo albums.

"Apple in my view it is light but hard to achieve, challenging, is everywhere, in everything we do. It depends on us how much we enjoy and how much we bite of it. "(Tomi Tothpal)


DOREL GĂINĂ G+ G - visual artist, graphic illustrator - university professor at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca.

"The truth about the holy book says that Eve gave Adam the apple, Ibelieve that IS true, but what would happen if the apple would have been provided by Adam to Eve ..." (Dorel Gaina G+ G)

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