"Aghireșu, I love you" - sau locul unde chiar nu s-a întîmplat nimic...

Aghireşu (Hungarian: Egeres; German: Erldorf) is a commune in Cluj County, Romania.
coordinates: 46° 53' 0" North, 23° 15' 0" East 
The commune has an area of 105.79 km2 and a population of 7156 people (2007). It is composed of eleven villages: Aghireşu, Aghireşu-Fabrici (Egeres-gyártelep), Arghişu (Argyas), Băgara (Bogártelke), Dâncu (Dank), Dorolţu (Nádasdaróc), Inucu (Inaktelke), Leghia (Jegenye), Macău (Mákófalva), Ticu (Forgácskút) and Ticu-Colonie (Ferencbánya). According to the 2002 census, Romanians made up 55.25% of the population, Hungarians made up 40.84% and Roma made up 3.82%. (Wikipedia)

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Another Place...

Poiana Sohodol, Transylvania

I have recently been here - the old barn was taken down; people have moved away, but the place remains amazingly beautiful. I miss the barn, that's all, I had seen it there for 6 years