Old stuff. Revisited.

I should document the small cinematic history of the classic movies I have been watching for the past two weeks or so. It makes some sense as I look at my posts in hindsight... 'Charade' this morning. Just saying.

Cealaltă Moarte a Ioanei d'Arc / The Other Death of Joan of Arc

"Cealaltă moarte a Ioanei d'Arc" (The other death of Joan of Arc) 

un spectacol de teatru de Stefan Tsanev, în regia lui Nic Ularu. 
Actori: Eva Crișan, Cornel Răileanu, Emanuel Petran. Costumele -@Calina Ghitulescu Langa

Anxiety for beginners.

I have been fiddling with countless goddamn iApps forever - there is a highly addictive potential to them; anyway, wasting time like this might be better than playing mahjong.

Dry Spell

And I deeply mean it - or I DID mean it - I have been struggling with my horrible inertia for weeks now - I miss making pics, but I guess I need some incentive to take it up again... Las night I went to a photo exhibition opening, and somehow, I felt somewhat awake. We'll see for how long.